Engaging and promoting clean energy in Cambodia for sustainable development, economic productivity and innovation.

Why Clean Energy in Cambodia?
  • Business Opportunities
  • Sustainable Economic Growth
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Smart Cities and Transport
  • Improve Industrial, Agricultural, Urban Productivity
  • Reduce local and global environmental impact

What is Clean Energy?

  • Renewable Electricity
    – Solar, Wind, Mini-Hydro, Biomass.
  • Energy Efficiency
    – Industrial, Commercial, Household.
  • Distributed Energy
    – Rooftop Solar, Demand Response, Storage.
  • Smart Energy
    – ICT, IOT, AI, Machine Learning, Sensing, Controls,
    Electric Vehicles.
  • Renewable Fuels
    – Biogas, Biomass, solar thermal for Industry and Households.
  • Offgrid and Rural Clean Energy
    – Offgrid Solar, solar for agriculture productive use.
    Improved Cookstoves, Household Biogas.
Clean Energy Week 2018
A diverse range of activities across the week to engage a wide audience.

This includes:
  • Clean Energy Technical Sessions
  • Engaging Public in Clean Energy
  • Private Govt Policy Briefings
  • Innovation and Startups
  • Professional Networking Opportunities
  • Engaging Universities and Professional
How is Clean Energy Week unique?
  • Events hosted across Phnom Penh at variety of times and style to suit participants and ensure more efficient use of time.
  • Profile global trends and opportunities in clean energy.
  • Promote clean energy to customers, public and policy makers.
  • Avoid long workshops; engage participants in areas of their interest.
  • Showcase all forms of clean energy.
  • Engage youth and future employment pathways.
  • Networking opportunities.
  • Stimulate innovation, entrepreneurship and new business ideas.

Engaging the Public
  • Solar Energy Installation and Factory Site Visit.
  • Photography Exhibition – a look on energy in agriculture.
  • Video Competition and Hackathon Finalist Pitches.
  • Southeast Asia GLOBE – print and online articles on renewable energy and regional startups.
  • Social Media Engagement.
  • Clean Energy Ambassadors – engaging Youth, Universities and Professionals
7 days

Enjoy 7 days of activities, sessions, panel discussions, workshops!

Participants around the city!
Clean Energy Party!

See demo clean energy products and meet professionals.
Many venues across the city

From The Factory Phnom Penh, Raintree, Impact Hub, Sofitel, Universities and more…
Where does the Clean Energy Week events take place?
EnergyLab works to facilitate the growth of the clean energy market with a particular focus on innovation and entrepreneurship.

We work to connect and support a thriving clean energy ecosystem of industry, investors, entrepreneurs, customers and institutions through a range of programs, partnerships and events.

Would you like to be involved?

Please get in contact if you'd like to:

- Sponsor Clean Energy Week
- Organise a specific event within Clean Energy Week
- Promote clean energy during Clean Energy Week
- Volunteer and help with Clean Energy Week
Ms Bridget McIntosh
Country Director
EnergyLab Cambodia
+855 095 989 088

Ms Srey Pov Ying
Engagement and Outreach
EnergyLab Cambodia
+855 086 265 388

Mr Piers Grove
Managing Director
EnergyLab Australia
+61 0416 166 566

Meet our Organisers and Sponsors
Event Organiser
Based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, EnergyLab Asia runs a range of programs to help entrepreneurs develop, launch and grow new energy businesses in the region.
Founding Sponsor
The Embassy promotes UK interests through a strong, effective relationship with Cambodia. Works in a number of areas including STEM education, human rights and good governance, climate change, and child protection.
Main Sponsor
Australia's relationship with Cambodia spans 66 years of diplomatic relations.
The Embassy's aid section is one of largest and coordinates Australia's development assistance program in Cambodia.
Event Supporter

UNDP is the UN's global development network, an organization advocating for change and connecting countries to knowledge, experience and recources to help people build a better life.

Oxfam has been working in Cambodia for 35 years and we are committed to ensuring that this culturally rich and inspiring country works its way out of poverty
Total Solar leads solar energy within Total group to contribute our objective becoming leader responsible energy produced, distributed consumed a global scale.
Sevea are entrepreneurs dedicating their experience and knowledge to providing strategic and operational support to corporations, organizations and social entrepreneurs striving for social and environmental changes.
Media Partner
Since 2007, Globe Media Asia has helped readers navigate the Southeast Asian region by providing engaging and informative journalism that casts a light on the stories behind the headlines.
Communication Partner
The Idea is a social company with a multi-disciplinary team of business consultants, data analysts, multimedia designers, project engineers, writers, trainers, and event planners.

Factory Phnom Penh a blended working space focused emerging businesses studios creative artists, well providing options recreation.
Contact us for any question by e-mail or social networks
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